Pietal M

Translation of the Poem “Die Unerkannte” by Friedrich Hoelderlin

Thank you Enid Madaras, for this delightful wordsmith journey!

To the Unrecognized
Do you know her, blessed like the stars,
the somber wave of life so distant
in beauty’s still repose
Heart’s triumph dipped in courage of a lion
Unfettered flight of thought,
above the eagle flies the day.

And smitten by her mid-day rays
A-kindled by her noble ways
Near heavenly decrees she sends
The wise ones ask of her the way
Odd and earnest, as swept by storm
the sailor gazes to the East.

From beauty’s bounty brings the best
When mighty will and spirit
gently rise and rule.
The life song’s melody,
the scale of stay and strive,
by herald spirit formed.

When frozen by life’s emptiness,
She rushes color to our waxen temples,
rejuvenating hearts with hope.
The cunning sailor who,
obliterated by the storm,
in sorrow for his distant Ithaka
she leads him to Alkinoos’ realm.

Do you know her? Adorning us with laurel crowns,
with better regions’ bliss, ere we find our grave.
And then, love’s saintliest desire
The sweetest beauty we began
addresses with her lightest touch

Who sweeps us back to innocence,
unites the demi-god, our mind,
with gods audaciously refused.
Who mellows iron destiny’s resolve,
And when in battle, before our hearts go feral,
our armor gently loosens.

A sentry of the thing you seek
in yawning time amongst the stars
through heavy storm, foolhardy drift,
no mortal mind has ever formed
And no, nil virtue ever earned
She shields the golden pear of peace.