Funny: quite the opposite.

Slowest fear within.

See the sea ahead of thee.

Long so deeply for being boring,

Taken out of the equation.

Bien, c’est bien que je regrette.

Sweet home of insignificance.

O sweetest passing of the calice.

Sweet wish for washing off the calls.

Bold, bald, and bruis-ed little bird

attacks the rear view mirror

of a car parked far below,

hollow tank, ripp-ed rank

I loves you, Mary Hartman

And back is you, the nuthatch!

Climb me down head first.

Evaporate, o ego mine

rejoyce the underworld resort.

The Don, the Peter.

The Juan, the Pan.

The Peter (you need her)

the dumb Don done double

undoubtedly silly and bold

repeat after me:

Descendo de coelo

ascendo de profundo lacu.