I sat at Odéon, writing on my Johnny Hess thing,
when this rough faced ugly beard junkie
with a beaten up guitar
hanging low from his back
asked me for change.

I had no cash on me. When I told him that,
he sat down and
emptied his thousand pockets on the table.
A lot of coinage, Euros, Swissies, even Shekel,
an open switchblade,
a green pill still wrapped in the see-through cellophane,
and a deck of giant Tarot cards.

I told him to put the switchblade away.
“You don’t need that now,
people are nice around here.”
He looked around, looked at me, noded
while he put away the weapon.

I asked him to read my Tarot.
He shuffled the cards, and a twenty dollar bill
dropped out of the deck.
“Alright, so these assholes didn’t steal this.”
He pulled out a card.
A card that sais “Illusion”.
I sighed, but he said “wait, I pulled this one,
so it applies to me. Now you pull your own.

So I pulled. It said: “Freya – Sexuality”.
“Aha!” I said.
He asked me if I could change his Euro coinage.
Then he took the green pill in his hand:
“You know, if you never did coke or heroin or all that
other good stuff and you try one of these,
I’m telling you, man, it’ll be the exact same flight!
You will see sounds, and words grow legs and arms.”
He formed a funky cube with his hands while he spoke.
Then he put the pill in his mouth.
And with his eyes half way closed he mumbled something.
Saliva dripping from the middle of
his lips on his jungle beard.
One table over, there were two pretty young lovers.
I’ve noticed that they ‘d enjoyed watching us.
I asked her if she wanted a Tarot reading.
She was in for it rightaway.
Her sweetie smiled and threw in
a few bucks, kept his dark shades on,
while she came and sat down at our table.
He shuffled the deck. She took a card
that said “Creativity”. A card that was all in
blue colors. I should have mentioned that
his deck was not the usual kind of Tarot.
It had only two suits:
Goddesses and Angels.
I’ve encouraged her to choose goddesses
as I had chosen before and kind of fared well.
Well, that blue card, he pointed
at it and said:
“This is the exact same blue as her dress.”
And damn straight it was!
Then he packed up and left,
after he had shown the waitress a card I did not see.
I said to the lovers:

“I think he was a medicine man.”