I was there. This will stay and change me.

Had you been with me, I would have shared with you what I see, what I smell, what I hear, and you would understand.

The Rock,
The Wailing Wall:

United symbols of unfulfillable spiritual longing, painful discord, yet source of immortal beauty.

We are Jerusalem!

The smell of burned tires and roasted chicken.

The scintillating sound of minarets.

A shy guitar around some corner.

Dark markets with clothes hanging high like victims of a pogrome.

People touching a hole in a wall where Jesus is said to have rested on his ellbow.

A fountain with water from Bethlehem, where jews wash their hands before approaching the wall.

Black, green, khaki Uniforms with guns like toys.

Feeling safe based on the thought that to die here would make a great last story.

You would walk with me, hear with me, smell with me and understand